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Higher Education Benefits From Grants, As Do Students

Grant money is relied upon by colleges and universities to expand their campuses and their educational offerings. Public and private institutions this year have received millions of dollars in grants that are to be put toward student scholarships, community services and more. Some of the money is to be put toward healthcare initiatives, while others are to go toward international business, entrepreneurship and arts-related offerings and more.

A Kirksville, Missouri, university for example, received Health Resources and Services Administration grants valued at more than $5.86 million, according to an October announcement from the institution. The money is to be used at the institutions Mesa, Arizona, campus for a workforce development initiative thats part of its School of Dentistry Oral Health and to establish a department of family and community medicine at its School of Osteopathic Medicine.

In Kirksville, the money is to benefit instruction and more at that institutions College of Osteopathic Medicine and a workforce development initiative at the colleges School of Health Management. The university plans to put additional Health Resources and Services Administration grant money toward classroom resources and technology. The Health Resources and Services and Services Administration is a US Department of Health and Human Services agency.

A university in Tempe, Arizona, on the other hand, received a $43.4 million US Department of Education grant designed to help a statewide education initiative. This Teacher Incentive Fund Grant has been provided to the universitys teachers college as part of school reform within the state. With the Arizona Department of Education and a statewide schools network known as the National Institute for Excellence in Teaching, this college is leading a project designed to enhance student achievement, keep educators who are exceptionally effective and more. The project, known as the Arizona Ready-for-Rigor Project, includes a pay system for teachers thats based on performance.

The grant was announced by that university in October, a time when the institution also announced receipt of $1 million from state Governor Jan Brewer. This $1 million is to be used by the institution to establish a program that would help students, faculty members and are companies establish or enhance entrepreneurial ventures. The program, known as Venture Catalyst, would be based at that colleges Scottsdale Innovation Center and would include mentoring and group training components, according to the institution.

In addition to that state university, a Lisle, Illinois, college was awarded a US Department of Education grant. That universitys $188,000-plus award is to be provided over the course of two years. Its known as a Title VI Business and International Education Program Grant, and its designed to help that schools College of Business provide international training to business professionals. The College of Business plans in part to put the money toward establishing travel abroad scholarships and a web portal where the education community, local businesses and international organizations would be able to interact.

In Boston, an historic grant is to be shared with summer music students. A university in that area and one of its programs received an $80,000 National Endowment for the Arts grant that the university reports is the largest endowment grant in the institutions history. The institute is a program of the that universitys College of Fine Arts School and Music that provides summer training to gifted high school musicians. The College of Fine Arts School and Music plans to put the money toward salaries for artists-in-residence and toward student scholarships that would be designed to recruit a more diverse group of students, according to an announcement from that college.